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 Whats the best way to advertise ?
Well soon im going to be opening ExampleHosting.com/ExampleHosting.co.uk
And i was wondering what the best way is to advertise :)

Thanks R...

 How are these advertisment companies successful?

 Do you know of a case study of a college or university doing a successful viral marketing campaign?
I'm looking to find a case study of how a school has used viral marketing succesfully as a whole, or more particularly in generating leads.

A link to an article on it or the agency ...

 Marketing and selling a product online?
An associate of mine has started her own line of cosmeceuticals i.e. beauty products. First and foremost, I am wondering how did they acquire the product? She has a company that is based online. It ...

 Do you know whats Amazon's Marketing Mix?
I need it this info for a final presentation @ school..Please Help!!...

 Anyone in the Public Relations/Marketing/Communicat... field? Any Adivce?
I asked this already...but in the wrong area Y!A...

I just began working on my Associates in Marketing when I found that the school I am going to offers an Associates in Professional C...

 How much to counter offer on a domain name for sale?
The person offered the full price I had listed on my domain. BUT I received aonther offer since then. So I counter offered back 1500 more..This is new for me, is that too much? ...

 I would like to find out how best to promote my websites to the American market?
I have 3 website businesses, I am interested in promoting them to the American market as well as here. Here I use things like yell.com and other directories. I'd like to do similar things to ...

 Why should businesses try to build their brands?

 did you touch by any of advertising slogan ?
generally we seen many promoting slogan for products, are any one find out more touched you....

 How can I increase visitors on my blog and earn some money?
My blog is www.letmeblogging.blogspot.com.I am new in blog and I have learnt that we can earn some money by subscribing to services such as adsense.I want to make my blogging seriously and not just ...

 How many methods involve on budget setting?

 search engines?
does anyone know of an international website to look for ...

 Website options, with or without the pics?
need help determining what looks best, not very good at this www.homesandloanslasvegas.com thanks for your ...

 How do I approach e-bay about my problem?
I sold some DVD's a bout a month ago and the guy I sold them to is now complaining that even though they were listed as second hand some of them are scratched and some missing. (I know that ...

 Business Question...?
I just started a diaper cake (baby shower cake) business. The name is BabyCakes Unl. I need help thinking of a slogan I can use. Something cute and catchy! Any suggestions will be appreciated!! ...

 I actually want to know my jsce result.what website do you think i should go on?

 What are some Marketing Tips for a small business?
I manage a small flight school and have been trying to get more people to come fly with us....my target market has been identified as already licensed pilots looking for a new adventure and further ...

 What is the nature of consumers’ cognitive processing of marketing communications?

 what can I do to improve my website?
Hey I made this website today in about a hour


i was wondering what you think of it and how i could improve it ? also where should i advertise it and who ...

kevin s
What would be a good, short and catchy slogan to promote a flea market?


A FLEA MARKET that will SURPRISE you! Come in NOW for a moment of joy!!!

(the color, type and size of the font is important too)

pensinee f
you will be excited in a friendly atmosphere here at the flea market.

Fundraising Guy
Flea Market - It would help to have the actual name, but here goes!

Prices so low that you have to scratch to feel them...

fleas soled hear

john a. arizona
Don't help pay for a huge modern department store. Shop with us and own your own!

It would help to know the name of the flea market. Having said that, how about "itchin' for a good deal? Come on out to ______ flea market!"

Treasures galore 4 You

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