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 Choose the correct sentence.?
Choose the correct sentence.

â–º I am asking if you would like to rollerblade together tomorrow?
â–º I am asking "if you would like to rollerblade ...

 How can i get noticed by the music business?
I am 14 years old, and I have been playing guitar for 2 years now. I'm pretty good, and I learn very quickly. my guitar teacher is well known in our town and has an album out. I have also ...

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 I need help on The Art Haven?

 why we need international business?
such as imports and exports from and to other countries respectively.
can we just produce enough goods sufficiently for ourselves? for example,we will never import clothes,textiles from China,we ...

Is this company and job opportunities a scam?
The company works like Mexicans waiting at Home Depot or Lowe's looking to get picked up for some cheap labor work. The company gets people ...

 what happends when you missed a ups or fedex delivery?
i just got out the shower cuz heard the door bell rang but i was too late when i got to the door & i saw the truck drive away ): so do they leave it there or put in your mail box? or do i have to ...

 Is it just me or has Target raised their prices dramatically?
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 Question about online shopping with Target?
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 An estimated 104 BILLION DOLLARS will be spent by consumers in 2008 on GREEN PRODUCTS &...?
According to Forbes magazine;104 BILLION DOLLARS will be spent by
consumers in 2008,on GREEN PRODUCTS & services.

 what does LIQUIDATION mean?
ok so im going to buy a ipod touch and it say LIQUIDATION what does that mean?...

 How does theater won't commit sales fraud to increase profit?
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 A second walmart interview?
ok so i didn't get out of the store good before they called and asked me to come back tomorrow for a drug test and i need my ssn card and id and a job description to be sure i can do it what ...

 Can I return something to Walmart without receipt and without packaging?
Okay so I bought one of those instyler rotating hot irons at Walmart for about $100 right before I took a trip to Hawaii. I don't have the receipt, I probably threw it away while I was packing ...

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i ordered some shoes off amazon andi thought it was supposed to take 3-5 ...

 Family talks how about bad the Econmy Is?
My Question Is i am 16 years old and i try to give my family advice what to do but they always talk negative.And I Dont Believe the Econmy is bad its SocietyI believe in my self i believe i can ...

 Why arent these big banks and corporations getting criminally charged for their wrongdoings?
Why arent these big banks and corporations getting criminally charged for their wrongdoings?
How in the world is what their doing legal? I just got done watching Michael Moore's:Capitalism:A...

 Is it normal to have so much free time with a corporate career?
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 Are people the Asset of an Organization or not?
In asset management do we consider the employees as asset in an organization?...

 What is the phone number for the AT&T employee ethics hotline?
what is the phone number for the AT&T ethics hotline? I am a former employee with several issues that I would like to report. Any information in this area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in ...

Answerer answering answeree
What is wrong with credit card companies?
I bought a prepaid credit card for $31.30 and it was for $25.
If that isn't bad enough it won't let me make purchases with it yet.
I guess they all hate their customers...


You agreed to pay a fee to get a prepaid card. Only you know if there was value to that. You also agreed to be bound by the rules of the card. One of them outlines how to register the card if you want to use it on the internet. Not all allow internet usage.

Read up on what you buy before you buy and you won't be disappointed.

That card is not a real credit card and there is no credit card company behind it losing a wink of sleep over it.

The fee is what you paid the merchant... because they don't do anything for free of course.
$25 is on the card and $6.30 is what it cost to get it done.

The card does not work because you a) need to activate it or b) need to register it in your name and address before it works online.

For both scenarios: Turn the card over and call the 1-800 number on the back. Now you are talking to a service rep. that is responsible to help you make this card work.

Don't bother taking it back to the store... they no longer deal with any problems that card may have.

Credit card companies are engaged in fraudulent activities, the ftc is aware of it and does little to nothing to curtail their activities. Identity theft is a smoke screen to use if they get caught. Your are being assaulted from all sides by criminals using some trumped up jargon to keep you a slave to the man. They own you and there is nothing you can do.

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