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 How do you feel about your joke Mr. Tony Heyward of BP who could not handle the pressure?

 what is the biggest secret of the internet?

 Is it wrong to call in work if you've only been working there just a little less than a month?
I work for walmart and you get 6 sick days or personal you get, without getting in trouble. You can only miss that many days in a 6 month period. I've only been working there for 27 days, So I ...

 what is a business manager?
where and how does he work?what has one to be in ored to be a business manager?i mean what qualifications should they have?is it a well paid job?...

 What role do you think goals might play in a company’s planning for any possible pandemic outbreak?

 give the assets of this company that encouraged you to apply?

 The Genre is erotica, the title has candlestick maker in it....?
...I belive the author is female & this was her first book
The second book was reviewed in the Culture sectio of the Sunday times....

 I search the addresses of online shops in france and europe.?
I have a friend working on company which sell camera, she wants addresses of big online shops to negotiate with them selling her company products. so please can you help me with addresses of the ...

 What are some things that Navy recruits should know (out side of what the DEP teaches)?
To be more specific, what are some things that I as a future sailor should know before going of to RTC Great Lakes Illinois. Actually sorry for being very general but some information on RTC would ...

 does fed-ex deliver on sundays?
i got new shoes from hottopics, and it says its going tooh be here the 19th, so i wondering if they delivered on sunday or not....

 When you work at 7-eleven, do you get free slurpees and stuff whenever you want?

 Is it hard to become a vice-president of a company when you have an MBA and 10 years of business experience?

 I bought a booklet on amazon listing Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, the drugs they made and...?
...their company information
Two years ago I bought a booklet on amazon listing Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, the drugs they make and their company information, including web sites etc... Where ...

 Articles of incorporation: what to write for one person company?
I would like to incorporate, for liability reasons, but its a one person (me) company. I have no idea what to put for articles of incorporation, and I don't want to hire a lawyer to incorporate ...

 What does POA stand for? (Context: pharma company)?

Additional Details
**edit- additional detail- I've gathered that it's some sort of meeting....

 Do you think Dunkin Donuts will call me for an interview?
I called today and talked to the manager and she said when she looks to start interviewing she will give me a call... do they honestly do this and how quick do u think she will call?...

 Question about financial statements?
The difference between the corporate form of business organization and other forms is most commonly shown in which of the following sections of the financial statements?

Revenue on ...

 who own usa federal reserve bank?
is usa federal reserve bank is private bank own or country ...

 What types of companies use a lot of paper?
Would help if you included an industry in which the company would be in....

 Which of these documents are used to accumulate the costs of a job?
A.Labor time ticket
B.Materials inventory requisition form
C.Job cost record
D.Manufacturing overhead ...

how does selling stuff on craigslist work?
i am selling something on craigslist and this is my first time, ive already posted it up, and someone emailed me saying they were interested in it. But i dont know what to do now, how do i reply to them, and how do i give my product to them?
Additional Details
dont know if this helps but, i responded to them on MY email.


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Don't overthink this, just be careful. You will meet them at a place of y'all's choosing, at which point you will exchange the product for the payment. That's all there is to it. Just find out from the buyer where y'all will meet.

Dan B
You reply to their e-mail address to make a connection. Craigslist does not act as an intermediary between buyer and seller. They don't have anything to do with money transfer either. It's totally up to the buyer and seller to make the connection, agreed price, transfer of money and property.

They should have an e-mail address in their reply to your ad. It best if you include your e-mail in your ad so that the buyer and seller can make a direct connection. If not, the buyer will respond to an internal e-mail on craigslist and then craigslist will forward it to you.

I would STRONGLY recommend that you deal only with LOCAL buyers. It is almost impossible to arrange restitution from a distant buyer (or seller). If I can see it, touch it, test it, evaluate it, then I won't deal with the seller.

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