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 A collection agency is asking me to send them a letter!!?
They say they have sent me over 10 letters stating that i owe them..they may have but not to the correct address. And for this reason they cannot delete an item off of my credit report. I told them ...

 Savings account interest rate?
I retired from work two years ago. I have 160,000 sitting in a savings account earning 1.35% I am looking to try to get a higher rate. However i want it to be no risk guarnteed rate. I cant lock up ...

 High Credit Card Limit with Bad Credit?
I'm in the process of building up my credit score. I recently got engaged and a oppurnity came up where we can get a venue for a great deal but we need the money by mid august. I need a credit ...

 Can i donate an amex gift card to paypal?
I want to set up an account and on the website it says donators dont need an account.
Since i am not putting a credit card # i was wondering if i could send myself an amex gift card instead?...

 How do I hide my personal information so people will stop trying to take out credit cards and loans on me?
My mom canceled my credit card. On that card was information about how an insurance company was paid over $100. Then I got a letter in the mail today that said my "attempt" to take out a ...

 When I place a buy on the internet does the card info go to the company or does it go some place else?
I am concerned about giving my card info out to unknown companies. I see sometimes that like on PayPal they also have listed Visa & Mastercharge & sometimes others. I want my info as secure ...

 Down Payment on Utilities: What is the average cost?
I realize you can not tell me exactly what the downpayment on my utilities will be, but I was hoping someone could tell me the average price on them. Or maybe even just say what theirs was.


 Can a credit card company rescind a notification to Credit Bureau?
There was a mistake with a Macy's bill over a $7.90 charge, which I paid promptly, but apparently they send you a different Macy's bill if it is a purchase outside a Macy's. I paid ...

 Can a 14 year old have a debit Card?
Additional Details
OK is it yes or no and give a reason ...

 Why are credit card companies able to send children offers?
If they know the address of a person they are likely to know the birth-date so why aren't they charged with enticing children to commit a crime, corrupting the youth or something similar.

 court summons for bad credit debt?
I recieved a court summons yesterday for $2300 I owe in credit card debt. On the back page of the summons, it says to contact the law office if I would like to make paymetn arrangements. Is there ...

 There was a judgment filed against me in court today?
I got a judgment against me in court today for some credit card debt. I filed for bankruptcy last week and my bankruptcy lawyer told me to not show up today (since I am filing bankruptcy). I just ...

 How to handle a lawsuit for unsecured credit card in michigan buy a collection agency?

 How old to get a credit card?
thank you guys in ...

 Can I order something from amazon.co.uk with a credit card based in america?
I need to order a travel backpack from the amazon uk website cause i live in england but my parents who live in america will be paying for it. am i able to use their credit card or does it need to be ...

 how much does your payment increase when you spend $400 on credit card?
So how much does your payment increase when you spend $400+ on a store credit card? My payment monthly is $20 something now. But i recently spent over 400+ how much should my payment go up ...

 Credit Card Fraud - SBI?
I am using a SBI Credit Card. Before few days i applied for some of Bank's Credit card. I gave them my existing SBI Card xerox as a document proof.

Now before a month bank had ...

 where can i get a loan even though i have bad credit?
i have past due docter bills and some other school loans and such that are currant. my credit sucks i need to consalidate everything to make it all afordable but i cant find any where that will give ...

 What is the name format on your social security card(blue)?
Ex: First Last Middle or is it First Middle Last
Additional Details
i put blue because i didn't want people to confuse with the permitted residence card or i think its call green ...

 are their really companies that can remove charge offs?
has anyone used a credit repair company to succesfully remove charge offs, and if so could tou reccomend one and what were the costs and what did they do for you. Thank ...

I want to make a payment with my credit card to a checking account. Is there any way I can do this for free?
I looked at paypal, but they charge 2.9% for every transaction from a credit card. I was just wondering if there was any way I can make a payment to a checking account with my credit card without being charged.


There is no way. The transaction will be added to the interest chargeable on each month's outstanding balance

Elise C
You can take your credit card to your bank (or any bank nearby) and ask for a cash advance. They can do this as long as your card sports a Visa/MasterCard or Discover logo. They can then deposit the funds directly into your checking account. The bank itself does not charge a fee, but you will most likely incur finance charges on your credit card.

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