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 Can my roommate keep my last month security deposit if she evicts me?
I answered an ad on Craigslist for an apartment (it was called a "sublet" but really it was a woman renting a room in her house.) The sublet was for a four month period. She requested first ...

 Do you live in an apartment in New England or upstate New York with electric heat? How much is your?
How much is your monthly electric bill during the winter?...

 Is there a way to check on landlords?
Landlords even with Illegal apartments want credit checks, pay stubs etc yet if they are scum or evict yearly is there a way for a tenant to check?...

 How long before Rent-A-Center repo's?
I have a laptop that I got from Rent-a-Center and I was wondering how far do you have to be behind on your payments before they will repo it?...

 where in america can you buy land for the best price?

Additional Details
not just a house but also a well proportioante area for a farm and ...

 Child support lien in a foreclosure, attached to house or follow obligor?
I live in Florida. A few years ago, a child support lien was placed on my ex-husband's home in Ohio for $20K (by the state due to my receiving public assistance). He shares the deed of that ...

 I'm almost closing on a house and still confused...?
I am almost closing on a house I have been waiting on for about a year. I am not sure if I am making a good investment at this time. I don't think I'm gwtting such a good deal anymore... I...

ok so want to buy a cape cod house in clark, nj (aprox. $350,000) the monthly payment is about 1200. what would be a good down payment?? i dont want to pay the minimum (bad ecomomy) and also with ...

 How do I go about looking for apartments to rent?
Will be out of college in May and will be looking for my very first apartment ever. I want an apartment that is part of a house (as in a floor of a three decor, etc.) but when I search apartments ...

 What are the pros and cons of Renting vs Owning your home?

 Can a landlord charge two people rent on one property?
Right, I live in the UK and on 31st March we moved out of a property into a council property. (Before we start a "useless bum" fight, we pay full price, and are not on benefits)
We ...

 38 pounds per month in water is not too much?
38 pounds per month in water is not too much??I think is a lot to the water that I will spend to be about 10 pounds months.
But as there is no counter all of that building pays the same.there is ...

 residential apartment in indira nagar?
Can anyone tell me if there is any decent apartments in IndiraNagar that comes with all amenities like swimming pool, gym and so on....

 I am pissed off, what do I do?
I was looking for a house to buy when i found the perfect home for me and my family. So here's the thing, my realtor showed me the house and hours later there was a deposit on it and guess who ...

 will a bank sell a foreclosed home below the listing price?
There's a foreclosed home that i am interested in it's been for sale for a while. The listed price is 63,000 but it has about 15,000 in repairs needed do you think they would take a offer ...

 Cheap place to buy sign holders!?
Who can tell me where should I seek the information about sign holders? If there is a possibility to purchase them there, it will be great. Looking forward to your answers....

 Cutting costs in building a home?
(I know I've asked a ton of ?'s on here about building, but please bear with me as I am just starting out and don't have much of a clue about these things yet!)

When looking ...

 How thorough do you have to be when building a home w/ builder?
I remember when my parents were building a home, they even picked out where and how many outlet recepticles there were in each room! Is this "normal'? Or is there a basic standard layout ...

 What is a good website for real estate price comparisons?
does anyone know a website where I can check real-estate comps for my neighborhood or zip code?...

 If you are renting privately through an agent & you have issues at your property..?
is it best to contact the landlord/landlady directly? On my tenancy agreement it does not have my landlady's contact telephone number or email..just her address. Would it be wise to send her a ...

What does "lot size" mean in real estate? The size of the yard and house combined or just the size of the yard?


It is the size of the entire piece of land the property sits on. The house may or may not be right in the middle of it. A survey will tell you exactly how big your lot is legally - sometimes your fence may actually be on the property line.

The house does not add or take away anything to the size of the land. The land is plotted by the county as to the size and configuration. Each lot could be of a different size, therefore there might be several lots side by side with different dimensions,

In some cases a developer might purchase one large lot to develop and build houses on. In this case he then divide the lots up as he see fit, however, these divided lots must be approved by the county,before anything may be built on them.

Lot size simply means the dimensions of a plot of land that has been divided by the county or by a developer and approved by the county.

The yard is determined by where you would decide to build the house on the lot. Your yard has nothing to do with the size of the lot.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


Combined land. All that you own.

Elsa D
It is just the dirt, the piece of land you own.

Bill M
The house and the yard, unless the house is on someone else's property.

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