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 Did anyone else find out that the 1/25 refund delay is over!!!!!!!!?
Yeah the wait is over I now have a new deposit date of 2/08 and not the 2/19 anymore it really was just a delay due to alot of early ...

 is profit from inherited offshore investment taxable in australia?
I live in oz and inherited a significant share in an offshore company from an uncle will i have to pay tax on the profits when i transfer them back to australia so i can spend ...

 limited or sole trader?
for a small calibration compamy what would be better sole trader or limited company?...

 I just found my receipts for my house windows i did in Dec.2005 can i claim them on the 2007 returns?
i just found my receipts for the windows that i put on my house in Dec.2005 and in my state they can be tax deductable, so is it possible to claim that expense on the 2007 returns?
Thank you so ...

 Where can I find my "Local Tax Collector's office"?
I want to get a personalized licence plate, and I need to take my inquiry to my local tax collector's office... where the heck would I find that?...

 Has anyone with the last 2 ssn digits 95-99 gotten their tax rebate by direct deposit yet?
...I'm starting to worry!...

 are bah and separate rations taxable money on your w2 forms?
when i went to file taxes the lady put in the total of money made on my husbands w2 but that total included our bah and separate rations, i thought those were non-taxable?
should i deducte them ...

 Jackson Hewitt Tax Return?
My Wife and I have an appointment to have our taxes prepared by JacksonHewitt tonight, I was wondering if anyone had insight if they do a good job and about how much we can expect to pay?


 Winter Fuel Payments UK - have you claimed?
If you are 60 or over, have you claimed? Note that if you got a winter fuel payment last year, you will get this auto-payment in time for Christmas....

 Examples of what tax money is used for?

 Tax Questions? please help?
I scheduled an appt. at H&R block to get my taxes done this Saturday and then I realized I can do it online myself. I have a simple W-2, one job,one dependant etc. The only thing is that I just ...

 I have worked in a co for 4yrs 10 months in India.Am I eligible for my gratuity.Pl. let me know?

 LLC vs S-Corp Tax Basis and Tax implication?
I am thinking about starting my first company and based on info from various website and from other sources such as books by NOLO, I have the following questions.

I read that S Corp tax ...

 Direct payment scheme?
If you are on the direct payments scheme from social services,as an employer are you entitled to the normal advantages as a normal employer,eg claiming your tax back for fuel expenses,parking ...

 Interest income from savings under $10.00?
Do I have to claim $2.32 interest earned from a savings account on my federal tax return? I will not receive a 1099-INT form....

 Is Turbo Tax any Good?
I am thinking of trying Turbo Tax this year. Can anyone tell me if it is worth it and easy to use?...

 Why do some on-line stores charge sales tax and some don't?
I just tried to order something from ToysRus on-line and they want to charge state sales tax. Why do they charge tax and other on-line stores don't. Does the money really end up in my state?...

 if the 10p lower tax rate is introduced?
how will it affect us low wage earners? i earn between 13-15000 per year....

 Is the 2008 stimulus rebate BS?
So if you all remember right the 2001 rebate we got was just a advance towards your 2002 refund.

is this the same thing again? what if i dont cash the check? or send it back?


 What exactly is a W 4 form?
I need to fill one out. In Wikipedia, it says:

The form is used by employers to determine the correct amount of withholding tax to deduct from employees' wages.

When ...

Scott C
What is the difference between "423b Qualified Shares" and "423b Subject to Disqualification" ?
This is in regards to an Employee Stock Purchase Plan.


Mr Tax Preparer
Section 423 of the Internal Revenue Code (first link below) deals with employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs). A "qualified 423 plan" is one that meets the requirements of Section 423.

In English, such a plan allows employees to purchase shares at a discount without owing any taxes on the discount at the time of purchase. As long as the shares are not sold within the required holding period (within 1 year after the shares were transferred to you or within 2 years after the option was granted), then the sale of the shares merely creates capital gain. This is your "423b Qualified Shares."

However, if you sell the shares BEFORE the required holding period is met, then the shares are disqualified, and the discounted purchase price of the shares gets taxed as ordinary income. I would guess that wherever you are reading "Subject to Disqualification," it just means that the shares have not yet met the holding period requirements.

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