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 I have a friend who hasn't filed her taxes in about 4 years, what should she do to rectify the situation?
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 what happens when you don't file your taxes on time allowed?

 If I'm pregnant,can my hubby claim our unborn child as a dependent?

 has anyone received there dd that used taxact and had fees deducted from refund?
I filed my taxes on tax act. I chose the option to have fees deducted from my refund. The irs site says deposit should be in 1/29/2010. havent received it yet. the republic bank site says they ...

 Can I claim a newborn on taxes?
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 Has anyone already gotten their stimulus check direct deposited yet?
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 Why don't I get a tax refund? I think I messed up and checked a wrong box or something when I started working
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 I live in NY state and I am a few yrs. behind on my taxes (9,500) to be exact. Any way I can get a loan?
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 i have won British National Lottery but i can't pay the way of receiving the cheques what should i do?
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 Why do poor people get free healthcare? I work my a** off and pay a ton of taxes and have none.?
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 ANYONE got a response from Where's My Refund?
Has anyone who filed on or before the 15th of January 2010 and was accepted on the 17th (Sunday) Gotten ANY sort of response or answer from Where's My refund (via phone or Internet site) other ...

 Anybody from North Carolina? Have you received your 2008 tax refund yet?
Did you efile or paper file? and how long did it take you to get it direct deposited?...

 Republic bank and tax act anyone get there refund for january 29, 2010 direct deposit?

 What does '£75 net per week' mean?
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when does the IRS update there Wheres my refund website does anyone know?
can anyone tell me when the irs updates there "wheres my refund" website? I have had my return accepted since monday the 18th but nothing there on the Irs's site is saying anything I didnt know if they updated on mondays or what can someone tell me?


My return was accepted on the 17th, I had nothing on the WMR site, I called the irs yesterday and they said Jan 29 my refund would be deposited, but today I went on the WMR site and it says Feb 9, I called the irs again and they said my refund is not even proccessed yet, what is going on!

I was having the same problem with Where's my refund not updating. I was worried about the direct deposit not going in because I am a broke joke right now. Anyway, I called the IRS this morning and the lady I spoke with said that my refund was scheduled for the 29th. I asked her if she knew why it didn't update in the system and she told me that the same info should be on the website that she was able to tell me. When I told her that it wasn't, she asked if I was entering the correct information. I told her yes and she seemed to believe that I wasn't or that it was updated by the time that I called. It still is not showing up on the website, but she did tell me it was processed and scheduled for direct deposit. I hope she was telling the truth.

Somebody Somewhere
There are many in the same boat, please answer the question I JUST posted about WMR, so we can get some data, and see why we do not have refund info

Your best bet is to call the irs and speak to a rep and ask them. I did the first person told me I have to wait 3 weeks. I then called back and spoke with a nice lady that told me that my refund was accepted and that I was due my refund on the 5th of Feb which is slightly frustrating since I filed my taxes on Jan 14th and it was accepted on Jan 17th so why I would not get my refund until feb 5th which is the second cycle or when they send out paper check im not sure, but at least I did get some information even if its not what I wanted to hear. The number I called to get through was 800.829.1040 i pressed the prompt to get info on my income tax not refund then I pressed 0 till i got a live person. Good luck!

Mine was accepted since the 17th and today finally it updated on the IRS site
saying if there are no errors or you owe past due taxes you should receive it by Feb 2.

Same boat here. The WMR site says by the 2nd but when I called the lady said it is set to release the 8th and will be direct deposited within 3 weeks from then what the heck. So frustrated!!!!!

There must have been an update last night and I heard that it might not update for you up until a day or two before you are supposed to get your dd. I filed on 1/15, accepted on 1/17 and mine just updated for me this morning. I did call the IRS twice to confirm that all was okay and on Monday, a nice IRS woman did confirm that my refund was processed and gave me a dd date of 1/29 and that is what it says on Where's My Refund as of this morning. Good luck to everyone.

I've been filing electronically for about 7 years now, and have only found I could get an update on a Wednesday through WMR. I was accepted this year on the 17th and still no update (I used the H&R Block software, formerly Taxcut, to file). I have had to wait more than a week in the past to get an update on WMR, so I'm not surprised by no update yet.

Emily S
I have been reading all your answers/questions to help me figure out what was going on. Here is my situation. My tax return was efiled & accepted Januray 18 (I know that is MLK day, but that is the day). I have the control # etc. that I was sent when it was acknowledged. I went on Where's my refund daily -NOTHING! I called the IRS yesterday & spoke to a nice woman who told me that it was received on the 18th, but it is being "PROCESSED" & can take 3 weeks. I told her the chart said if we efiled by Jan. 21 we would get direct deposit Jan. 29 & she said it would not give a date for direct deposit until it was done processing. I hope that I still get my DD Friday, but I am not going to count on it. SUCKS! Any updates from the rest of you? I used taxact btw.

also filed taxes monday with a tax company and still nothing showing on the irs site 4 me and many others

As from many other questions also pertaining to the website! after tons of reading asking and researching.. I believe there is just an update issue on the site! i believe that if you receive the info from the tax site or however you filed saying the IRS ACCEPTED your return!! thats the postmarked date it was accepted! you should receive your refund by the cycle chart.
Transmitted & Accepted (by 11:00 am) between... Direct Deposit Sent* Paper Check Mailed*
Jan 15 and Jan 21, 2010 Jan 29, 2010 Feb 5, 2010
Jan 21 and Jan 28, 2010 Feb 5, 2010 Feb 12, 2010
Jan 28 and Feb 4, 2010 Feb 12, 2010 Feb 19, 2010
Feb 4 and Feb 11, 2010 Feb 19, 2010 Feb 26, 2010
Feb 11 and Feb 18, 2010 Feb 26, 2010 Mar 5, 2010
Feb 18 and Feb 25, 2010 Mar 5, 2010 Mar 12, 2010
Feb 25 and Mar 4, 2010 Mar 12, 2010 Mar 19, 2010
Mar 4 and Mar 11, 2010 Mar 19, 2010 Mar 26, 2010
Mar 11 and Mar 18, 2010 Mar 26, 2010 Apr 2, 2010
Mar 18 and Mar 25, 2010 Apr 2, 2010 Apr 9, 2010
Mar 25 and Apr 1, 2010 Apr 9, 2010 Apr 16, 2010
Apr 1 and Apr 8, 2010 Apr 16, 2010 Apr 23, 2010
Apr 8 and Apr 15, 2010 Apr 23, 2010 Apr 30, 2010
Apr 15 and Apr 22, 2010 Apr 30, 2010 May 7, 2010
Apr 22 and Apr 29, 2010 May 7, 2010 May 14, 2010
Apr 29 and May 6, 2010 May 14, 2010 May 21, 2010
May 6 and May 13, 2010 May 21, 2010 May 28, 2010
May 13 and May 20, 2010 May 28, 2010 May 28, 2010
May 20 and May 27, 2010 Jun 4, 2010 Jun 11, 2010
May 27 and Jun 3, 2010 Jun 11, 2010 Jun 18, 2010
Jun 3 and Jun 10, 2010 Jun 18, 2010 Jun 25, 2010
Jun 10 and Jun 17, 2010 Jun 25, 2010 Jul 2, 2010
Jun 17 and Jun 24, 2010 Jul 2, 2010 Jul 9, 2010
Jun 24 and Jul 1, 2010 Jul 9, 2010 Jul 16, 2010
Jul 1 and Jul 8, 2010 Jul 16, 2010 Jul 23, 2010
Jul 8 and Jul 15, 2010 Jul 23, 2010 Jul 30, 2010
Jul 15 and Jul 22, 2010 Jul 30, 2010 Aug 6, 2010
Jul 22 and Jul 29, 2010 Aug 6, 2010 Aug 13, 2010
Jul 29 and Aug 5, 2010 Aug 13, 2010 Aug 20, 2010
Aug 5 and Aug 12, 2010 Aug 20, 2010 Aug 27, 2010
Aug 12 and Aug 19, 2010 Aug 27, 2010 Sep 3, 2010
Aug 19 and Aug 26, 2010 Sep 3, 2010 Sep 10, 2010
Aug 26 and Sep 2, 2010 Sep 10, 2010 Sep 17, 2010
Sep 2 and Sep 9, 2010 Sep 17, 2010 Sep 24, 2010
Sep 9 and Sep 16, 2010 Sep 24, 2010 Oct 1, 2010
Sep 16 and Sep 23, 2010 Oct 1, 2010 Oct 8, 2010
Sep 23 and Sep 30, 2010 Oct 8, 2010 Oct 15, 2010
Sep 30 and Oct 7, 2010 Oct 15, 2010 Oct 22, 2010
Oct 7 and Oct 14, 2010 Oct 22, 2010 Oct 29, 2010
Oct 14 and Oct 21, 2010 Oct 29, 2010 Nov 5, 2010

i am so stressing the website NOT updating too.. and after calling the IRS myself too. waiting on hold for 45 minutes for them to tell me its being processed. no worries??? i think i would just feel better reading that its processed. aughhhhh

Jillian B
I filed on the 17th and was accepted on the 19th, my bf filed on the 15th and was accepted on the 18th. MINE shows me my status; however, his still does not. My tax refund was in the bank THIS MORNING! but his is not. I dont know whats going on....

Deb P
I was worried because my status is still not showing up on WMR. I called yesterday and they said it could take up to 3 weeks, and the woman was a crab. I called again today because I was literally pulling my hair out and I talked to a VERY nice rep who told me that everything was fine and I was scheduled for 1/29! That about made my day.....uh, I meah year! :) So anyone else out there whose status is not updating, the same probably applied to you! :) :)

Updates are done on Wednesday's by the IRS

I just got off the phone with a rep from the IRS and she said the website is not updating but it will be anywhere from the 29th-Feb 5th for our refunds...mine was accepted on the 17th. It sounds like they have no idea but she said don't plan on it before 3 weeks has passed since it was accepted.

IRS updates there site on Monday between the hours of 12am (midnight)- 3am. A lot of people are experiencing what you are going through. I do not thnk IRS expected so many people filing so soon in the year.

beth b
actually i do not know, however i called irs. initially she asked the number i was calling from incase we were disconnected, her final answer was she did not know it could take up to three weeks, just seconds after we hung up my phone rang, it was the rep from the irs, she apologized on the very next screen she had seen that mine would be the 29th. i don;t think anyone would believe the irs would call you back and apologize with more info, no one would believe me but i had a witness here , hooray i can't complain about poor customer service with that

Tyla B
I am in the same situation. I filed on January 15th with TT. It was accepted on 17th. No status yet. I called the irs and they said normally their site updates on wednesday nights but they are behind because 1. the number of people filed, 2. By it being a weekend, 3. the fact that monday was a holiday. She told me they were about 2 days behind and to check back on Monday and the status should be updated. As for the refunds she didn't say rather they would be delayed or not.

I filed via TaxAct on 1/8, it was accepted on 1/17 (got my confirm email from TA 1/18) and still no info. I called the IRS yesterday (1/25) and I was told by the rep that all she could see was my refund was scheduled for 2/5. So much for the 1/29 probable date from TaxAct. What's another week but what a fracking bummer.

I filed on Sat, 16th, accepted on Mon. and still nothing on where's my refund. My sister's is the same...stressing!!

josh g
I'm in the same situation' accepted since the 18th; nothing on the IRS site...only says "You may have entered incorrect information".

Roxanne, how do you know that the WMR site only updates on Wednesdays? That doesn't sound very likely, and I'm in I.T.

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